Romantic Love Affair

Magazine: ELLE US, June 2008
Editorial: Strawberry Fields
Photographer: Melodie McDaniel
Styled by: Christopher Niquet
Model: Valentine Fillol-Cordier

I decided to bring out an old ELLE US editorial that makes me think and dream for spring weather to be here already. And nothing screams spring better, besides this editorial, than the moment when I am able to peel away the layers that are a necessity to combat with the winter chill. What else says spring?

Florals and color, of course! This editorial pairs said florals and color together to give a flirty and playful vibe, that is sort of mysterious yet beautiful at the same time. I love the use of nature in the background and in the model’s hair. I also love the choice of sheer pink nylons and red booties used to throughout the editorial. Give me florals, color and messy hair any day, but unconventional lingerie is such a gorgeous sight.

Enjoy and bask in dreams of spring and playing around in fields, lovelies. xoxo

2 responses to “Romantic Love Affair”

  1. beutyful editorial!
    I love Spring!

  2. Grace says:

    Amazing editorial. The model is just stunning

    Grace x
    secretly styled.

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