Girls Just Want to Have Fun

My last NYFW post… I didn’t cover every show, but don’t be afraid to hit up fashion mecca website,, for all their drool worthy photos from the worldwide fashion weeks.

I decided to focus this post on fashion for the different types of girls. We all have our own take on personal style. We all know the type of girl we are or what we like. When we find something we like, we stick with it. Designers, with each collection, are inspired by a photo, movie, era, etc. and with their inspiration they form an idea of the type of girl they see wearing their clothes. The following fall collections all cater to a specific type of girl.

DKNY Fall 2011

Donna Karan called this “New York Mods.” I would say it plays on the image of a downtown girl, the one who dresses effortlessly, possesses confidence, works her basics and could definitely become the next street style star.

Alice + Olivia Fall 2011

Alice + Olivia has the feminine, posh girl vibe. She’s chic, fabulous, dresses impeccably and the life of the party scene. Mostly likely she’ll be from the UES, but she’s not snooty the rest and down-to-earth personality.

Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2011

Rebecca Minkoff is for the cool girl. She’s a city gal who works hard, but plays harder. Her wardrobe is transitional from day to night and from work to the weekend.

Anna Sui Fall 2011

Anna Sui is the master of boho. This girl has eclectic taste. She loves wild prints/patterns/colors and isn’t afraid to mix them together but also can be glam in monochromatic looks.

6 responses to “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”

  1. E says:

    This is such a great post! I love how you picked out the different personalities behind each of these collections. I think I want a little of all of these in my personal style!

  2. classiq says:

    I love the Donna Karan and Anna Sui woman in ensemble, but each collection has something I get inspired by.

  3. Great picks, but my favs are DKNY and Anna Sui. I would literally wear each of those looks that were styled to perfection during the DKNY show. And you can't beat the boho vibe of Anna Sui. LOVE!

    xx, becs

  4. jada and jon says:

    love the jackets everyone is doing. so good.

    if you like vintage clothing please come and check out our website!


  5. Moniek says:

    Amazing collections! Love DKNY

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