California Dream Part 1

Hello lovelies! I’m back from Los Angeles and have some photo documentation of my time there. Let me just say how nice it was to not need a winter coat. The weather during my whole trip was 70 degrees and beautiful! Now I’m back home and we’re having some weird “Spring” weather, meaning a mix of rain/snow like it’s winter all over. Hopefully mother nature will bring on the sun and warm weather soon.

Here’s part 1 of my sister and I’s trip to LA:

You know the pandemonium that ensues during a sample sale, well actually I have no experience with that, but Jet Rag’s $1 Sunday Sale definitely can be compared with that. Basically you thrift through piles of clothes set out on the lot in front of the vintage shop with other vintage lovers for $1 a piece. Crazy, I know, but the price is so good!

Battle of the Thriftiest

My sister with our bag of loot… dresses galore.

A TV show festival where actors and creators from shows take part in a discussion panel.
Supernatural panel for my sister who LOVES the show.

What’s not to like about cookies and ice cream? A cheap foodie staple near UCLA that shouldn’t be missed while you’re visiting Los Angeles.

Sitting on top of a mountain in LA, you can overlook the city from up above. We only went there at night, but looking at all the lights coming from Los Angeles was just beautiful. Next time I need to go during the day so I can see the HOLLYWOOD sign much better.
Hey, there’s my sister lol.

The lights of Los Angeles


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