Valentine Preview

I’ve never had a Valentine (yet), but I don’t mind. I enjoy Valentine’s Day anyway and don’t see it as the most horrible time of year for single gals (like myself). It’s a time of year to show the ones you love/care about that they mean something to you and that you are thinking of them. Plus my girly side enjoys the colors pink and red, hearts, the cute novelties that can be found and can’t forget the chocolates.

I’m single, but so what?! Doesn’t mean I (or you) can’t have fun with the holiday. I say dress up, spend time with your friends, watch romantic movies, bake, eat chocolates, etc. My tip is DON’T SULK AROUND… just don’t. And if you have a boyfriend or a special someone, celebrate with your sweetheart.

I thought in the spirit of this LOVE-ly holiday that I’d post a little preview mash up of what I’ve got in store for my Valentine’s Day outfit.

So… black, mesh, red, heart print, pumps and a strew of Valentine candies and cards… what’s all this? You’ve got to stay tuned for Monday to see me styled Valentine’s Day look. xo

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  1. Eve Gore says:

    you look so cute!
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    a lot of kisses from poland!

  2. beautiful 🙂

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