Valentine Love

Forever 21 cardigan/rings/bag, Rodarte for Target dress, Target tights, Faryl pumps

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! For me, I don’t need no stinking Valentine when you’ve got a wonderful sister, cupcakes from Crumbs and Monday night television (Gossip Girl, Greek, PLL). Plus no need to worry about dressing up for someone else when I can dress up for yourself. And I couldn’t see anything better than pulling out a mesh dress and a heart print cardigan from my closet on this day. Hearts, chocolates and sweetness all around! xo

P.S. Some love inspiration from a 2008 ELLE editorial with Mary-Kate. Just a little touch and head on the shoulder… oh what it feels to be in love (one day)!

9 responses to “Valentine Love”

  1. Oh you look so cute! I love that cardigan so much <33

  2. Annushka says:


  3. Cylia says:

    valentine.. I like these kind of cheesy holidays:p

  4. E says:

    That heart print cardigan is so adorable! I love it!

  5. awww your outfit is so cute!


  6. Raez says:

    you're adorable, what a cute outfit! the touch of red is perfect.

    xx raez

  7. emily says:

    LOVE that dress! the tights go perfectly with it.

  8. ChiccaStyle says:

    You look great and your cardigan is so cute!!!

  9. popdisorder says:

    owww Mary-Kate looks so so sweet 🙂

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