Port Signing

My autographed copy of True Whit. Love Whitney’s penmanship!

On Wednesday, I went to Whitney Port’s True Whit (book) signing. I heard that she was going to hit NJ on her book tour and thought that I shouldn’t pass it up. Attending this event had me remember why I have liked Whitney, for her wonderful personality.

On The Hills, I remember Whitney being the voice of reason for Lauren and I felt for her when she fell down stairs on live morning TV modeling Hilary Swank’s 2005 Academy Awards dress. On The City, she shined on her own and we all saw her go through relationships, dealing with Oliva, working in fashion and creating her own fashion line. Now back to what I admire most about Whitney, her personality. I think it’s a rare thing to find someone working in the fashion industry to be so humble and nice. Yes, you WILL find people who are wonderful, but often you’ll see some abrasive personalities. I’m definitely one of the nicest people you’ll meet so I will be like Whitney once I’ve found my calling in the industry.

Whitney during the Q&A section.

The crowd was small, but for sure there were a bunch of young girls/women in attendance. Thankfully people asked questions that weren’t pointless because really does one need to know basic info that you can easily search for on the internet? She did give some insight on how to break into the industry and how it’s not easy, which I thought was smart since I think that younger generations have a skewed view that fashion is all glamourous and not so much like work.

Picture with Whitney after getting my book signed. I looked gross in this photo so it’s been cropped and set in B&W.

True Whit is an easy read and can be finished in one day if you have the time. It’s a lifestyle book where Whitney provides advice and ideas on decorating your space, the do’s and don’ts for job interviews, dating, personal style/beauty, fitness, etc. as well as personal stories. Check it out if it interests you.

Not an official outfit photo but what I did wear.
(Dad’s menswear blazer, Forever 21 top, Old Navy black skinny jeans, Combat boots from a discount store, Forever 21 eyeglasses necklace, array of rings)

Have a great weekend lovelies!! xx

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