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Seychelles ‘Bismuth’ in black suede

I took a trip to DSW yesterday and found these suede beauties. I immediately went to the clearance section, which I often do in many stores I’m in, to search for deals. Well after looking at rows of 7.5, 8 and 8.5 (gotta cover all my bases) and not finding anything to my liking, I stumbled upon these ankle boots. Technically, I would never check out a heeled pair of boots, but these looked stable enough for me to walk in. Plus I’ve heard of Seychelles and wanted to try out the brand. After trying them on, I found them to be comfortable, well made and fabulous on my feet. These retail for $120, but I got them at around $30 (after 70% off DSW’s price of $94.90)! Thank you DSW and your clearance section for the amazing steal!

It’s still crazy to me how much I’ve been into shoes lately. To my sister, I’ll always be the one to never back down on getting a new purse whether I thrifted or bought it, though right now I’m at peace with purse buying (not a single one this year… yet). However, we’re both on the shoe path at the moment. She’s itching to buy a pair she didn’t get yesterday and was looking into rain boots on the web last night. You know what? I’m embracing this new interest and I guess it’s about time since shoes are as so much thrilling these days and have become an accessory too (Have you seen the JC Litas? Wow!).

Here’s to a wonderful week, lovelies! xo

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  1. Awww! cute boots 🙂

    Fashion Rehab

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