Think Black Swan

Magazine: Harper’s Bazaar, September 2008
Editorial: What’s Chic Now
Photographer: Karl Lagerfeld
Fashion Editor: Brana Wolf
Models: Jessica Stam, Hilary Rhoda, Heidi Mount, Angela Lindvall

On Tuesday I went to see Black Swan. When I wasn’t closing my eyes with scenes involving sharp objects (don’t want to see the blood thanks), I was captivated by the phenomenal acting especially that of Natalie Portman. I’m not usually one to be interested in seeing thrillers, but after hearing so many good things I had to. With the final moments of the film, I was certainly blown away by how it all came to end. I really thought it was beautifully made.

I was going through some of the hundreds of magazine tears I’ve saved over the years and found this editorial. I believe it’s from a 2008 issue of Harper’s Bazaar. For some reason it made me think of Black Swan. I don’t know if it’s the feathers, the smokey eye makeup or the backstage dressing room setting, but there’s something eerie and beautiful about the photography that it reminds me of the film.

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