Minding My Closet

Yep… my closet

The beginning of a new year means you have set your goals/resolutions to accomplish or you want to start fresh. As this first week of 2011 rolled by I was able to purge five bags full of clothes for donations. It was a combination mine and my sister’s and consisted of a mound of clothing that she and I have outgrown. It was great to finally let go and see that humongous pile out of our sight.

Now I may have said this countless times, but the closet she and I share is tiny. After this purging and a bit of DIY organizing, I think we have finally arranged our closet for the better. It’s still tiny, but thankfully everything has a place with the little space that we have. So with that and looking at our organized closet, I thought I’d start a series of posts called Closet Styling.

No, it’s not me helping you on how to organize your closet. Closet Styling will actually be where I will take a piece of clothing from my closet, something that you may or may not already have in your closet, and show you different ways to wear or style it. I hope to keep this a weekly or a few times monthly post. Look for my first post on this series soon. xx

2 responses to “Minding My Closet”

  1. FashionJazz says:

    Good luck hun! Cant wait to see it! xxx

  2. Anonymous says:

    looking forward to this!

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