Closet Styling #1: White Shirt

I almost started racking my brain over this and thinking I was going over my head. You see sometimes when I get new ideas and decide to approach it, I will fail in actually executing them due to I guess self doubt. However after tearing up some 2010 fashion magazines and tacking stuff to my inspiration board, I felt relief. I just needed some inspiration to guide my way.

For this first Closet Styling, I though I’d start with something simple. The white shirt, a classic piece and closet staple. Everyone must have one of these in their closet and if you don’t, you better start shopping then. It’s one of the most versatile pieces you will have in your closet and versatility to me means you’ll be saving money. This white shirt (just one of a few I have) here is from H&M and I fell madly in love with its self neck tie and silky feel. Below you’ll find some options I put together.

White shirt - Casual everyday

Here’s an everyday look perfect for running errands. You can’t go wrong with comfort in jeans. The white shirt here features a peter pan collar and is a bit pricey, but I found some peter pan collars on Modcloth in velvet and cotton so you can have the same appearance. Add some wedges for extra height (especially if you’re not a heels type of girl), a watch so you can keep track of time and a large tote to lug everything you carry.

White Shirt - Out on the town

It’s the weekend and it’s time to have some fun with your friends. Black and white is a classic combination. This one here is a rather updated and dressy version. Taking a tuxedo style white shirt, I gave two options for bottoms, a flirty feather skirt and shiny sequin skirt which are both amazing for an outing at night. I think a great way to accessorize a collared white shirt is with a bib necklace that hangs right underneath the points of the collar. Pair it with a chain link bag, lace tights and heeled mary janes and you’re ready to go.

White Shirt - Layering

Finally, a true and tested technique, layering. This look has options as well. I really like the idea of layering a crewneck sweater with a collared shirt. I love the way a collar can peek from underneath a sweater. This may be out of the norm for some, but I thought I’d add color with these reddish colored pants (the J. Crew minnie pant and seen worn well on HB’s Joanna Hillman). I chose some outerwear options for this and depending on your style you can choose a classic trench or tough leather jacket. I personally love the pairing of camel with leather so that’s why I put that jacket option. Now for the finishing touches I put a printed pair of oxfords and a black leathery satchel that can go with either outerwear look.

7 responses to “Closet Styling #1: White Shirt”

  1. Amber says:

    great groupings!

  2. Annushka says:

    Your blog is very interesting)))
    I like it!!!

  3. diana kang says:

    lovelove the casual and layering!xx

  4. FashionJazz says:

    Love the way you styled it babe! xx

  5. Jessica! You nailed these looks! Love all three, esp. the third and layering the shirt under the sweater. I'm a fan of that idea too. Keep doing these posts, please! 🙂

    xx, becs

  6. The feather skirt for out on the town is so sick! love it!


  7. Anonymous says:

    nice looks. my favorite is the 3rd one!

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