Seasonal Sweater

H&M parka, thrifted men’s sweater, Old Navy jeans, Forever 21 oxfords

It seems that many bloggers have brought their patterned sweaters out recently, no not the dreaded ugly Christmas sweater, but a rather cozy one perfect for cold inducing weather. Well looks like I’ve joined in. I found this snowflake number on a thrifting trip last month while scouting out the men’s section and low and behold I saw a hoard of amazing men’s pullover sweaters. I wanted every single thing on the rack, but only opted for this and another one that hasn’t made its debut on the blog yet. Mental note: I should really go back and see if there’s more.

I liked this sweater immediately when I saw it. It reminded me of D&G’s alpine inspired fall 2010 collection with the Nordic print. I knew I just had to have it and I think it was under $5 too!

And why yes, I did finally get that well needed trim. I had a haircut last Wednesday.

Random fun shot that I felt like posting.

Remember my wishlist a few posts down. Well I started on a ring binge. Welcome the two large ones into my jewelry collection. Both are from Forever 21.

8 responses to “Seasonal Sweater”

  1. Zabrinah says:

    I really love the sweater. It looks so beautiful and cozy. Great pictures. The camera loves you!


    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  2. FashionJazz says:

    Love your sweater and rings! xxx

  3. says:

    LOVELY sweater and rings

  4. Abi says:

    Nothing like a cozy knit to keep away the horrid cold really. Love your rings, especially the small heart one.

  5. jessica wu says:

    i want an intarsia sweater like yours!!! love the oxfords too 🙂 haha ring binges are the best!


  6. raita 2 says:

    i really do like your style! and those rings are totally amazing!


  7. HoneyBunny says:

    Oh, I love your sweater, shoes and jewellery!<3

  8. ahoel2 says:

    The shoes and the sweater are so cute together.

    Xx Annie

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