Joanna Hillman’s Wardrobe Diary

A mix of Hillman’s outfit so far this month.

Over the weekend I discovered that Harper’s Bazaar has been doing a wardrobe diary on their website this month with their stylish Senior Fashion Market Editor, Joanna Hillman.

Seriously why wasn’t I informed of this sooner?!! She’s one of my favorite street style savvy fashion editors! Side Note: I should do a post on my other favorite one. Anyway gotta love Joanna Hillman’s signature Ray-Bans and red orange lipstick. Everything she puts together looks effortless and you can just tell that this the wardrobe of a confident woman and she’s not afraid to mix up things up either. Whether dressed up or down, Hillman’s style is fierce and I can see why the street style blogs have been loving her.

Do check out the rest and be inspired. There’s also full details of what she’s wearing and it all can be found here.

P.S. – Christmas is only a few days away! Hope you all have your shopping done or at least most of it. xx

4 responses to “Joanna Hillman’s Wardrobe Diary”

  1. I love that they are doing this!


  2. Well she just has such amazing style! <3

  3. HoneyBunny says:

    She's amazing! Love her style<3

  4. emily says:

    i love wardrobe diaries! i haven't paid a lot of attention to her before but i definitely will now, her style is fantastic.

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