Gifts to Myself

Forever 21 Vintage Oxford Flats ($24.80) and Cheetah Print Oxfords ($19.80)

Exactly what I wanted for fall… OXFORDS! I’ve never been much of a shoe girl, but recently I’ve been attracted to them though you will hardly catch towering in HIGH heels. I’m too afraid to fall (in public) lol. Flats are more my friends. I guess you could say that these are a perfect fit to my preferences. And what’s not to love about menswear inspired lace up flats made for women especially one in cheetah print and the other looking as if thrifted with it’s distressed material.

Another thing you should know that I hardly shop online. I like using cash and going into a store to see the merchandise and it’s quality in my hands. Plus I’m unwilling to pay the crazy shipping and handling fees that online shopping comes with. However last weekend, Forever 21 had a friends & family code for free shipping that I couldn’t resist and splurged on oxfords since I no longer could find them in store. Also some inspiration had me take the plunge to buy both pairs which will be explained in my next post. Until then xo!

P.S. Happy 2nd Birthday to my blog though I’ve totally been slacking this year!!!

12 responses to “Gifts to Myself”

  1. both ADORABLE! <3

  2. ANN says:

    I looove your oxfords especially the cheetah print ones, so cute!

  3. la mì says:

    wow this post…I love your blog…my name's martina and I come from Italy…I would like you visit my blog and if you want…follow me!I wait you and your tips…kiss kiss ^^

  4. Julia mode says:

    i'm totally in love withe there shoes 😉

  5. Raez says:

    the leopard print shoes are so cute!

    xx raez

  6. carla says:

    I'm craving for those printed collections… very cute!!!

  7. FashionJazz says:

    Love your gifts! : ) xx

  8. classiq says:

    Love the Oxfords!

  9. FASHION ICE says:

    those are the cutest shoes

    feel free to Follow Me xoxo
    twitter: @FASHION_ICE

  10. Anonymous says:

    happy birthday, fashion ready!

    these oxfords are sweet! can't wait to see how you wear em.

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