Flap and Play

I Heart Ronson for JCPenney leopard print cardigan, Old Navy ruffle-sleeved top and ponte pants, Zara booties.

On Friday, I went to the city to see American Idiot (see photo below) with my sister and our broadway-buff friend. We all had an amazing time and it great to see how that Green Day album was adapted in a Broadway play. More outfit photos below, including my Halloween costume!

Removed my cardi to reveal what’s going on underneath. The top is actually XXL. I like the oversized look, plus I can use it as a dress/tunic. Also couldn’t turn away from those eyelet ruffled sleeves.

Flapper costume with headband from Walmart, Target opaque tights and oxford pumps.
Yes, red flapper chic. I adore the 20’s and always wanted to be a flapper for Halloween so here it is. Nothing wrong with some fringe and color red!

10 responses to “Flap and Play”

  1. Marcia B. says:

    Wow totally cute outfits, love the animal print cardi and the flapper dress!

  2. Raez says:

    love both of your outfits! you make a cute flapper!

    xx raez

  3. carla says:

    Like your red flapper chic.

  4. Sjaar says:

    I love your cardigan and zara booties! Nice outfit.

  5. Puck Litaay says:

    Your cardigan is very cute, and I like your heels!

    Puck // oneofpoints.blogspot.com

  6. You look soo lovely! <3

  7. Leo and blue is such an amazing combo, love it!

  8. Robyn says:

    Those Zara booties are fantastic.

  9. CMA says:

    love your blog!
    come visit COSMICaroline, it's being revamped and fired up with more posts and chic looks!


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