Parka Yourself Over Here

The chill in the air has begun. Fall is steadily approaching, meaning that it’s time to transition your wardrobe with layering and even coats. The kind of coat that’s been on my mind recently is the parka, best known to keep you warm from the brutal cold and has the signature feature of a fur trimmed hood. My favorite is the H&M parka from the Fall/Winter ads and available for about $40, I say why not? Will you be rocking a parka come winter?

1. Old Navy Faux Fur Trim “Citizen Surplus” Jacket $35
2. H&M Parka $39.95
3. Topshop Fur Hooded Padded Parka $170
4. Cheap Monday Evelina Canvas Parka via Nasty Gal $180
5. Full Circle Faux Fur Trimmed Parka via Asos $244.33
6. All Saints Pilgrim Parka $270

5 responses to “Parka Yourself Over Here”

  1. STARR says:

    I have the H+M one! So nice and warm 🙂

  2. vv says:

    i love it!

    please visit


  3. I love the H&M parka! xo, mel

  4. E says:

    Ah! Such a fan of that H&M one!

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