Rock. Roll. Life.

Old Navy DIY off shoulder tee, Old Navy cropped light denim jeans.

Seriously I need to stop being lazy and start being productivity with the blog. I’ve been really slacking this year and it’s kind of sad too since I want to grow as a blogger. After all I started this blog for a reason, to document my personal style and inspiration just like the fashion blogs that inspired me to start my own. Let’s hope that I can be more evident here the rest of the year.

Anyway since my last post, I have sort of acquired a job. I’m currently a temporary receptionist at the office of a doctor that basically sees a lot of my family. It came to my uncle’s attention and as much as I didn’t want to take the job, I couldn’t say no. Let me just say that this job can be intense sometimes especially when the phone is ringing off the hook like it was this morning. I’m almost getting annoyed of hearing phones ring, but I hardly pick one up while at home unless it’s my cell. It pays so I’ll take it for now and I’m just there until the end of November, but I’m totally still looking for better options.

As for these quick photos, I wore this tshirt and jean combo when I went shopping with my sister on Wednesday. Now that I’m making money, I’m allowed to treat myself a little bit. Besides buying two casual pieces at Forever 21 and browsing H&M to find two silky-like blouses (however did not buy), my sister and I did major haul at Old Navy… more about that in my next post. It’s good to plan, no? It means you actually have something to work on so no room for slacking, right? Til next time. X.O.

3 responses to “Rock. Roll. Life.”

  1. You look so cute in that t-shirt. Do you still want to do something fashion-related as a stylist or work for a fashion mag since that's what your internship was in? Well, the bright side is that you at least have a job and are making money! 🙂

    xx, becs

  2. Viv says:

    cute casual outfit, looks great on you! btw i'm from jersey too lol

  3. love your black top really cool

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