Oversize With Skinny

Outfit worn 4/13. I took an abnormally “small” oversized men’s shirt that I found laying around the house, cuffed the sleeves (also very large for “small”) and tucked it into a slim black skirt and accented with a studded belt.

Cute posing, but right arm looks so awkward.

Oversized men’s shirt, Old Navy skirt, Hot Topic belt, Target leggings and flats.

Results of Thursday’s haircut… a shorter ‘do.


4 responses to “Oversize With Skinny”

  1. You made me remember that it's time to wear my shirts too!
    Lovely outfit!

  2. Yanii says:

    pretty look
    are you a member of lookbook.nu?

  3. Your short hair looks so adorable! Great new header too.

    xo, becs

  4. Super cute look- yes love your hair too like Bec said 🙂 Love the leggings paired with this look! xo, mel

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