Planning Boston

I was tearing through some magazines and catalogs yesterday when I came across these precious things for inspiration for an outfit I may be planning to wear if my sister and I decide to roadtrip it to see a concert in Boston. I like to plan ahead for things so planning what to wear even though it’s not until early May is no different. I posted these to my bedside inspiration board and the ideas came pouring.

I decided to put my inspiration to use and make a Polyvore. I say that this is a pretty good depiction of what I’ll be wearing… we’ll see!
Planning Boston
Planning Boston by FashionReady


9 responses to “Planning Boston”

  1. STARR says:

    It looks really pretty. Which concert are you going to?

  2. I'll look exact as her!

  3. that is so pretty! i love the floral skirt 🙂
    which concert are you guys seeing?

  4. HoneyBunny says:

    Such a great look! Love it<3 Can't wait to see it on you!

  5. Hey lady. How's your internship at MC going? Love the new layout!

    Great look you put together!

    xo, becs

  6. love it! love the photos(:


  7. Love the outfit. Comfortable and pretty.

  8. Teresa says:

    Oh, I love that clutch! The accent colors are fabulous!


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