Lucky Deal

Finals are over so I’m back to blogging once again!

So let me tell you the interesting deal I got on this dress. This past Saturday (the 12th), I was perusing the clearance racks at Target when my eyes instantly fell upon the one dress I had really wanted from the Anna Sui for Target line. I grabbed it off the rack pretty fast intent on taking it home with me. The only issue was to now find out the price for the dress since no clearance sticker was placed on the tag. I went off to the price checker and scanned the tag to get the results that no such item could be found. I felt defeat and wanted to put the dress back, but my sister knew I wanted it so she suggested to check with the cashier. Once in interaction with the cashier, she couldn’t get a price either, but was intent on finding it out for us. This woman was absolutely so sweet and had great customer service skills. If she didn’t end up being our cashier then I’d probably have left Target that day without the dress. So after 30+ min of waiting for someone to give us a price and two $3 discount coupons later, Target management decided to give us the dress for $9.99 (orig $45). Score!!!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    lol awesome story!

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