Knits at the Beach

There’s always something about cold weather and snow that will make you wish for some warmth. And this editorial mixes the best of the two opposites, summer beach days with winter knits. Never thought I’d see layering and textured knits styled for a beach setting and so that’s what intially attracted and amazed me about this editorial. Plus model, Kate Somers’, poses are an instant hit with me.

(ELLE December 09)


6 responses to “Knits at the Beach”

  1. Raez says:

    really digging this edi. kate sommers is a great canadian model!

    xx raez

  2. i love the contrast between the winter clothing and summery-beach setting. brilliant shoot 🙂

  3. --- says:

    damn you just know this girl was sweating like crazy! i read somewhere that this editorial was shot in miami, and it was 90 degrees out there up until last week. but i love the styling of it! and the color. really inspired to make my wardrobe more vibrant =)

  4. FashionJazz says:

    I adore this editorial!! Hope u have a good christmas xxx

  5. styledigger says:

    Tha editorial looks like from 70's, I love it!

  6. Melmo says:

    haha that's awesome. i love that contrast.

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