Early Grab

A trip to Target was taken yesterday and I was glad to see that my store had already displayed the Rodarte for Target line. I beelined it for the sheer tulle slip dresses since they were the ones to spark my interest the most when previews came out. I took the all three versions (cream, yellow and black) to the fitting room to see which one looked best on me. I really loved the cream one after seeing them all over the web, but the color just didn’t suit well with me so the black version ended up coming home with me. Now I’m just thinking about what other items I want to buy from the line.

Leopard print, anyone? I’m leaning towards the lace leopard print dress as seen on Dakota Fanning in Teen Vogue below. I had no idea it was actually made of textured lace until I saw it in store, plus it has the sweetest bow detail in the back. I’d like the leopard print bow belt to be mine as well, but it was no where in sight. I’d also like to take a look at the baby blue swiss dot dress and the sheer lace cardigans.


2 responses to “Early Grab”

  1. Love the tulle dress! It's such a great LBD. The tulle dresses and leopard print one are my favs from the collection.

    xo, Becs

  2. j'adore la photo mais surtout la robe..magnifique

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