Sequin That Jacket

Sequin That Jacket
Sequin That Jacket by FashionReady

So I used to find sequins to be pretty gaudy and cheap looking, but I’ve found a love for them now. It all started in early October when I joined in on celebrating my friend’s birthday in the Brooklyn and I spotted a fabulous girl wearing a gorgeous sequin jacket that looked very vintage. It was instant love when I saw the array of blue and black sequins if I can recall correctly.

Anyway now I really want some kind of blazer or cardigan that is covered with sequins. They look like pieces that are totally fun to wear, would add pizazz to any monochrome or simple look and are basically modern versions of the classics that everyone already has in their closet. I just need to find one that suits my liking and doesn’t make me think “gaudy” or “cheap” when I look at it.


6 responses to “Sequin That Jacket”

  1. Emma Skye says:

    I love the topshop trophy jacket (bottom right). Wish I had bought it. I keep kicking myself over it!

  2. Nathalie says:

    I do also need a sequin jacket! Think I'll wait until the sale starts.

  3. I love sequins, but I prefer when the pieces look vintage, and have some sort of interesting design, rather than something just covered in them.

  4. Bubu says:

    Hello Jessica!!! How are you?? Thank for stop in my blog!! I like your photos, you‘re very beauty, I love your eyes!!!

    I‘ll visit you many more times!!!


  5. yess, i love sequin anything!! xo, mel

  6. I need a sequin jacket too!

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