Another Day Another Opportunity

Outfit from Friday (11/20). Remember when I said I was so stressed about internships in my last outfit post, well I unexpectedly heard back from one the next day. This internship interview lead me this time to the Hearst Building where I interviewed with the fashion department of another magazine (HINT: I got a fast glimpse of Nina Garcia when I first entered through their doors).

The interview went really well and everything I would expect and more. Now I just need to wait two weeks before I hear back. I hope I get this because this definitely is an amazing opportunity that would include working with some awesome people, be a learning experience about the fashion industry, and basically lead me in the right direction in what I want to do next in life.

Dad’s menswear blazer, Topshop blouse, American Eagle belt, Old Navy skirt, Target tights, White Mountain flats.


10 responses to “Another Day Another Opportunity”

  1. Nathalie says:

    Whish you heartly that this interview brings you luck!!!!

    Nice outfit, as always!

  2. JOWY says:


    One Love,

  3. FashionJazz says:

    Good Luck!!! U really look stunning here!!! : ) xxx

  4. melissa says:

    This is a cute outfit, but not something I'd wear to a job interview. Especially a large fashion magazine interview…

  5. melissa says:

    p.s Wish you the best of luck, though!

  6. Jessica says:

    Thanks for all the luck!! <3

    @melissa I completely understand. Your opinion is appreciated. I only had two days to find something to wear and this was the final product and I liked the outcome. No hard feelings. =)

  7. Enep says:

    I love your skirt <3

  8. Raez says:

    love this look so much on you! you look amazing:)

    hope you have a good fridayyyyy.

    xx raez

  9. Love your dad's blazer- great idea! And good luck! xo, Mel

  10. That's awesome news! Fingers crossed that you get the internship!

    xo, Becs

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