Rain On Me

Today’s outfit. The weather outside was constant light rain and mist everywhere. When it’s like this I prefer wearing skirts/dresses opposed to jeans and best thing about this weather is that it’s a perfect day to wear boots so I decided to debut these pair of lace up boots I bought from Target over the weekend.

To see better photos of my new boots, go to my inspiration Tumblr that I just officially opened yesterday.

Candie’s for Kohl’s cardigan, Forever 21 dress, Target tights and boots.


14 responses to “Rain On Me”

  1. LOVE the color of this dress 🙂

  2. Nathalie says:

    I hate that kind of weather when it's that wet outside, my hair became always crazy.
    I would never look as nice as you with that weather!
    Nice lace up, it's time to use my boots too now.
    Have a nice day!

  3. Nerdic.. says:

    Love the tights, the look so warm!
    X, fashion-nerdic.

  4. Love the colour of the dress!

  5. I like how you paired the green with the charcoal gray!

    x ws x

  6. E says:

    The weather here has been sucky too. Makes it kind of hard to dress appropriately. I really like your lace-ups. I just ordered a pair for myself and I'm hoping they're going to be a good all-weather boot.

  7. FashionJazz says:

    STunning colour!! Luv this!!! : ) xxx

  8. Becca. says:

    gorgeous boots and dress
    you look stunning!
    gorgeous post!
    just came across your blog and i love it!
    would you like to link swap?

  9. Anonymous says:

    I totally agree with you on prefering to wear skirts/dresses as opposed to pants on rainy days. I don't know why, but I just do!

  10. Raez says:

    very pretty! i love that greeen colour on you!

    xx raez

  11. STARR says:

    I really like the boots! I need to go to target sometime soon.

  12. sizaa says:

    i love this dress!

  13. Hanako66 says:

    this is so cute…I love your boots!!!

    I joined tumblr yesterday too! ..just what I need, more internet distractions lol!

  14. workhard says:

    Like your cardigan and ur dress

    Secret Desire Lingerie

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