Color Crazy Combo

Outfit from 10/13. I don’t know what kind of mood I was in that day, but I do remember that I felt like doing something crazy like combining my red cardigan with this hot pink shirt dress because WHY NOT!?! I think it turned out pretty well and after all red and pink are within the same color family so why not try some sort of wild and crazy color combination.

Old Navy cardigan, American Eagle shirt dress and braided belt, Target leggings and flats


11 responses to “Color Crazy Combo”

  1. Love the bright colors!

  2. Nathalie says:

    I like those strong colors in vinter more than in summer!

  3. Jowy says:


    One Love,

  4. calivintage says:

    wow, that is certainly eye catching and it suits you! you're reminding me that it's good to go all out with color sometimes!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Tres chic, mademoiselle.

  6. Hanako66 says:

    it's so cute…the colors are fun together!

  7. Love red and pink together! Yay for being a fellow NJ girl. 🙂 Are you from North Jersey?

    xo, Becs

  8. very eye catching 🙂

  9. knalleffekt says:

    really cool the pinkt and red looks great on you

  10. Love your style! Great colours!

  11. Jessica says:

    Thanks for all the comments!! <3

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