See U In The Dark, See U In The Dark

Yesterday’s outfit. Tuesday’s are known for the release of new music, so in honor of my favorite band, Honor Society, I wore my “See U In The Dark” t-shirt to celebrate the release of their debut album, Fashionably Late. If you follow me on Twitter, then you might see me mention them a bit on there. I also talked about them in the blog post, Concert Mania, detailing about how I saw them a few times during the summer.

Now the explanation of this t-shirt is that “See U In The Dark” is the title of one of their songs that is quite a popular fan favorite. There is also a dance that goes along to the chorus of the song, but I won’t get into that. Anyway, why not check out their MySpace page and discover some new music today. Honor Society‘s debut album, Fashionably Late, is now available in stores (Target has a special CD/DVD version) and on iTunes. For those in Canada, you can pick up a copy next Tuesday, Sept. 22. I’m not really sure about those in Europe.

Note: Sorry for the shameless plug, but I really LOVE this band. =)

“See U In The Dark” tee from, H&M skirt, Belt is from a cardigan, H&M peep toe flats.


4 responses to “See U In The Dark, See U In The Dark”

  1. alexandra says:

    Cool look.

    I always have trouble incorporating band tee's into my wardrobe, but you made it look so effortlessly cool here!

  2. really cute outfit, its really very flattering on you!! the perfect band t is a great thing xo

  3. Carla says:

    <3 honor society too!

  4. Lilee says:

    great tee! the skirt's pretty cute too!

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