Chemistry Limits the Possibilities

Wednesday’s outfit. Let me just start off saying that the curriculum that surrounds the fashion program at my college is pretty weird. Out of all the mandatory courses that are needed to be taken to graduate, two of them just do not fit into the mold…nutrition and chemistry. If you ask any of my fellow undergrads, “Why?” then you’ll probably get the same response that we really aren’t sure why ourselves. I mean, we do have ideas, but we cannot give you an accurate answer. And that is why I’ll be talking about chemistry today.

Cute outfit…Yes!?! Appropiate for chem lab…No!?! I understand that all the rules for chem lab are for my own and everyone’s safety, but how can you give fashion majors guidelines to follow when it’s everything that we are not. I hope I’m not sounding snooty or anything because that’s not what I’m trying to express. It’s just that fellow fashion majors in the class also felt the same way about the attire rules. It’s kind of like they’re taking away our freedom of expression that we would usually show off in our personal style.

So it looks like I’ll be looking drab every Wednesday for the rest of the semester because I’m not allowed to wear a lot of things that I’d like to wear like jewelry, skirts, contact lenses, open toe shoes, etc. Chem lab has now limited my outfit possibilities to cotton tees, jeans, sneakers and eyeglasses (ooh and don’t forget the protected eyewear I have to wear too…LOL). We’ll see what I can make out of Wednesday outfits.

Forever 21 top, Old Navy jeans, Urban Outfitters necklace, H&M peep toe flats.

P.S. I’m currently working on starting up a Tumblr, which will concentrate on inspiration and maybe some personal outbursts/blurbs like this one. I will post the link when it’s available for viewing! =)

6 responses to “Chemistry Limits the Possibilities”

  1. Samantha says:

    You look wonderful! Love those peep toe shoes… I thought they were heels at first, lol.

    The proportions here are really great. Fitted top, flowy middle, and skinny jeans!

  2. Nathalie says:

    Love this look: simple but romantic! Nice hair cut!

  3. knalleffekt says:

    i like your white dress. cool and chic.

  4. Carissa says:

    Can't wait for your tumblr!

  5. Raez says:

    great stuff! cute top:) and maybe your college wants you young fashionable people to be properly fed and chemically advanced? 😉

  6. E says:

    Pretty top! I love it with the jeans! Very boho!

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