Finding Comfort in These Jeans

I’m wearing some newly acquired boyfriend jeans that I scored for less then $20 from Old Navy. I believe that right now at Old Navy all styles for women’s denim are $19 until the end of the month. I scored mine for less since my sister used her employee discount to buy me a pair. They’re pretty comfy! I think I want another pair!

Old Navy T-shirt, boyfriend jeans and flip flops.


11 responses to “Finding Comfort in These Jeans”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Cute, comfy, and casual.

    I loved loose fitting v neck tee's!

  2. Raez says:

    youre cuteee! i wish i could rock boyf jeans half as bad ass as you!


  3. Carissa says:

    Do you ever wear heels? Bf jeans look so good with heels ^_^

  4. Andrea says:

    Boyfriend jeans look good on you. I love boyfriend jackets. I normally choose comfort.

  5. Eden says:

    jeeeeeeesss! how are you chica? you look puweety as always. love the boyf jeans.. i'd totally rock those babies with like, 5 inch heels!

    me loves.


  6. Natalie says:

    ur cute! like the boyfriend jeans!


  7. Bella says:

    Casual chic! I loooove the boyf jeans! xxx

  8. Expoente X says:

    Havainas!!! legitmé of Brazil!!!
    i like it! ;)))))))))))))))

  9. Hanako66 says:

    you look so perfectly casual cool!

  10. Jessica says:

    Thanks for all the comments!! <3

    @Anonymous Thanks so much for your comment! =D

    @Carissa No, I do not wear heels that often, but I agree with you that boyfriend jeans are fab with heels!! =)

  11. Interesting!

    The latest fashion trend in apparels today is the skinny jeans that give you a lean look. However, if you are unable to get into those, you would also be happy to put on those wide legged pants or trousers that are also hot with the fashionistas. When worn with a short narrow top and a slim fit jacket along with high heel shoes, this combination would look cool and give you that much longed for lean look.

    Try it out this season!

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