Peeking Through

I’m trying to fill in the void of no outfit posts by posting whatever I feel is sufficient enough and here it is more headshots of me…hahah!! I enjoy sideswept bangs. I find them very flattering for my face. As you can see, my bangs are getting a bit long (time to trim again) and covering my right eye, hence the peek-a-boo bangs!!

As for the rest of my agenda for today, let me tell you that it’s absolutely gross outside. I can hear the sound of cars passing by as their tires hit the wet streets and the rain that seems never ending right now. I’m gonna stay inside and get caught up on lots of fashion blogs and hopefully in the process discover more. Drop me a comment and/or let me know of any blogs I should check out!! 🙂

Oh, by the way, this is my 50th blog post! YAY!!


20 responses to “Peeking Through”

  1. I love side-swept bangs 🙂 and your blog header is ultra-awesome!!

    What's True Blood about?

    x, thanks honey!!

  2. Eden says:

    love, congrats on your 50th post! :* you know i love your blog.. and your bangs are flattering on you. here's to more amazing blog entries from you!

    much love


  3. cocorosa says:

    love the bangs!! 🙂 yes today the weather is really really horrible, I dont feel like going out at all!! and congrats on your 50th post!!

  4. jamie clare says:

    bangs rock the house. anyone who doesn't have bangs is weird. hahaha.

  5. casual cutie says:

    wow…congrats for your 50th post, that was so amazing for a blogger.

    love your photos. you look natural!

  6. yay for the 50th post :DD
    lovely headshots ; ) i love your eyeliner!!!

    mi ji

  7. Maggie says:

    Wow, congrats to ur 50th post!! Its still a long way for mine! I m now sporting a similar side bang too, it look good on u!! xoxo

  8. haha the bangs look great on you. hope the weather gets nicer soon! xx

  9. ash says:

    your bangs look bangin'!

  10. STARR says:

    I really like the peek-a-boo bangs look even though it's uncomfortable lol.

  11. Hi 🙂
    congrats for the 50th post YAY!
    I have bangs and I love them 🙂 I like yours too!

  12. melissa says:

    Bangs! They get kind of annoying (having hair in your eye is not fun >_>) but they look great!

    Congrats on your 50th blog post!

    Also, as far as weather is concerned, today was beautiful! (I'm also a jersey girl lol)

  13. FrouFrouu says:

    i love the bangs on you, they suit your face perfectly – not enough girls have the peekaboo fringe, keep it!

    wet weather is never fun, hope it improves soon!

    – frouu/ nadia

  14. Charmaine says:

    i still can't decide whether i should cut my bangs or not either!

  15. pangea says:

    you are trully beautiful…you have this confedence about you…and thats so attractive…keep it up



  16. Hanako66 says:

    they look so cute on you….congrats on 50!!!

  17. Yuka says:

    congrats on the 50th post! i need to trim my bangs!

  18. Jenny says:

    Cool blog! I love the balmain dress in your header!!!! xox

  19. Eeli says:

    Aaah the 50th! I remember that day for myself lol. Congrats on the milestone 🙂

    I agree the side sweepiness of your fringe suits you very well. As for blogs? No such recomendations here. Been neglecting the blogosphere for quite some time unfortunately 🙁

    kisses and huggies to you

    xx Eeli

  20. Jessica says:

    Thanks for all the comments!! Wow, 19 comments…the most I have ever had so far! Plus I can't wait to give you guys 50 more fabulous posts!! <3

    @Melisaa: Thanks for stopping by and supporting a fellow jersey girl! 🙂

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