Color in this Gloom

It was a rather gray and rainy day. I finished my first week of my summer econ class and now have three weeks left of it to go. The class is still going fine, but somewhat annoyed me today when we had our first quiz and I got about half the questions correct. I’m understanding the subject better with this professor, but I still get confused with some the econ concepts. I’ll just have to redeem myself by studying this weekend because the first exam is Monday and exams are a huge portion of the final grade!!

I dislike rain sometimes especially when the rain is just nonstop and how it makes everything look so gray and blah. I decided to wear some color in my outfit today to offset this gloomy weather by incorporating purple and red with black.

College Zip Up hoodie, Converse One for Target tunic, Target leggings, Converse High Tops.


10 responses to “Color in this Gloom”

  1. Shin says:

    Cute! Bright colors are the best to wear on rainy days! I love rain though because we have sunny weather all the time in where I live! xxoxoxoxo

  2. Eden says:

    J!!! i missed you too… ooh and we totally took a hiatus together. i havent blogged in like 5 days and i just had a new post– anyway this outfit is totally pretty, perfect for those go to casual days.:)

    much love


  3. cocorosa says:

    The weather has been so bad!!! how much rain can there be???!! love the color! I always love colors on you 🙂

  4. cute and comfy! you look great!

  5. Your company will be great for those next 500 😉 you're such a doll!!!

    Hoping all is well, and you've just reminded me to continue my hunt for the perfect bright-colored hoodie. (a must on my wish list I have yet to fulfill) looking fab, Jess! <3


  6. I. literally. just. saw. your. True. Blood. comment. now. lol…. it does sound enticing. Shall look into it for my next "TV-on-DVD-series"… 🙂


  7. melissa says:

    Lovely. I would've never thought of putting red and purple together, but you make it work.

  8. Joelyne says:

    ohhh love the colours!!!


  9. Joelyne says:

    p.s. would love you to enter my giveaway!!!


  10. FrouFrouu says:

    i've said it before, i'll say it again – bright colours look amazing on you.

    – nadia

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