Return to Gloom

Procrastinating is not my friend. I know it is never anyone’s friend, but I really should learn not to hold everything off until the last minute. I’ve had about 2 hours of sleep each night due to my procrastinating. There were so many due dates this week including an oral report that I left for the night before I was presenting because I have been too lazy to try. There’s only a few weeks left into this semester, but I am at that point when I’m ready for it to be over already and start summer break.
My outfits this week have consisted of dressed down comfort because of my lack of sleep and return of chilly weather. I really wish that the weather would stay consistently warm because I’m tired of the cold.

This outfit was worn today, out with my family and relatives for an early Easter lunch at a local Italian restaurant. This outfit really reflects the rainy and gloomy weather outside, but I did add some gold-colored layered necklace and my newly painted nails (Revlon Cherry Crush).

Converse One Star for Target tunic, Forever 21 necklace, Target jeans.


6 responses to “Return to Gloom”

  1. cocorosa says:

    love this 3rd picture, I too always wait till the last moment with things… 🙁

  2. yiqin; says:

    The color of my nails is red too! The silver skirt is great 😀

  3. Yuka says:

    i always feel like this about school! its horrible.

    your red nail polish is pretty. it has a bit of a metallic shine to it. so great!

  4. Eeli says:

    haha you should YOU SHOULD!!! Its a modern CLASSIC! Plus its a pretty damn cool movie hehe

    GAH! I know ho wyou feel about the sem. I’m wishing mine was over at this point too but thank goodness for this Easter week reprieve huh? Or else I think I would become pretty depressed 🙁

    Anyhoo, both outfits are rather lovely and sure looks comfy. My sleep patterns are horrid. Gee! Its like I’ve found my cyber twin now haha so I can alseo empathis with that! 🙁

    Hoe you get ATLEAST 3 hours tonight! haha

    xoxo Eeli

  5. Shin says:

    I really love the skirt!! So pretty! Hope you had a great Easter! xxoxoxo

  6. Jessica says:

    Thanks for your comments!! =D

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