Here Comes the Sun

I’m back from spending my day in the city with some members of the Fashion Club (university organization). It was a museum trip so we visited the FIT museum and the Museum of the City of New York. It was great to be outside today because the sun finally came out to say hello, though it was a bit chilly for most of the day. I had brought a cardigan with me and that’s why I was wearing leggings.

The exhibit was good at the FIT museum, but I’d already seen it on my own. It was mostly historical clothing then went into more contemporary styles. The best part was seeing those spiky Christian Louboutin for Rodarte heels in gold under a glass case. I first saw them in a magazine but seeing in real life is amazing!!! However the worst part is that you are not allowed to take photos, not even without flash. For some reason FIT is really strict about photography in their exhibits.

Later we went over to the Museum of the City of New York, which I thought looked very familiar as we walked closer to its location. I had mentioned to my friend how it looked like the location for the Gossip Girl school. She thought so too, but we weren’t sure. I mean really I know my Gossip Girl so of course once I got home and check it out….IT IS!!!! Argh it’s so not fair, I really want to go back and take photos of that location because I love the exterior and Gossip Girl films there! Anyway we went there to check out the exhibit about the fabulous Valentina, but more about that in tomorrow’s post.

Today’s outfit consisted of pairing a plain purple crew neck t-shirt and a black skirt. The t-shirt was bought this past weekend at Forever 21 for $4.50. It’s soft, comfy and loose and actually nice for something from Forever 21. I also bought it in gray and white. The outfit is pretty simple, but I like the combination of solid colors/basics.

Forever 21 tee, Old Navy skirt, Target leggings, H&M peep toe flats.


10 responses to “Here Comes the Sun”

  1. Eden says:

    hi jessica,

    i definitely will add you to my blogroll! wow– you guys have a Fashion club in university?! thats so fantastic! i wish we had one in my uni, but that would be wishful thinking! hehehe. you look great!

    much love


  2. yiqin; says:

    Your wall seems really unique! It seems to have some kind of texture?

  3. Shin says:

    Hey Jess, guess what? I was at forever 21 today and was almost going to get the exact same purple shirt!! It was so soft and comfy but I came to my senses since I need to save some money for food this month and sadly walked away. You look so cute with the leggings! xxoxoxoxo

  4. cocorosa says:

    ahhhh love the outfit, love the purple and the leggings 🙂 I didnt knew FIT was so strict about taking no photo’s??!!

  5. STARR says:

    The high-waisted look is so cute on you. The trip sounds really fun. I’m going to nyc in a few weeks too 🙂

  6. Eeli says:

    haha sounds like a pretty event-filled day lol. Far better than my exam ridden one! BOOOOO

    Of course I'll add ya. I can't believe I hadn't lol. You're one of my dear new blogging friednlies! teehee. I don't know why but your pictures aren't showing on my browser and I've refreshed thrice! I'm imaging purples and blacks and reds though. Am i right?

    <3 always xx

  7. Anonymous says:

    Such a cool look!

    High waisted looks so good on you.

    Also, F21 seems to be stepping up their basics. They are using silk blend, organic cottons, etc. I bought some shirts and tanks the other day and it says “dry clean only” WTF F21?

  8. Jessica says:

    Thanks for the comments…they all bring a smile to my face!! =D

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