Gray Fascination

Okay, I’ve neglected this blog for too long. The weather has been really crappy due to rain so I didn’t give any effort to what I chose to wear. Plus I haven’t been on the Internet lately just because I haven’t used my computer with school work being light. I’ve still got to respond to comments from my last post (I’ve read them all, I just have to respond) and check out a numerous amount of blogs to catch up on all the posts I’ve missed from the past weekend and week. It’s late right now and I should be sleeping because I’m going to the NYC today(EXCITED!!!), but I really wanted to post yesterday’s outfit.

Why is gray so fascinating? Is it because it’s neutral, a mix of black and white? Maybe so, I’m not really sure but here I am sporting gray colored elements in my outfit again. I pulled on this gray tank dress and thought to wear gray tights instead of the basic black tights because anyone could easily choose to pair it with black tights and why not go full on gray from shoulders down to my toes. =)

Target jacket and tights, Old Navy dress, Belt from Kohl’s, Secondhand boots.


5 responses to “Gray Fascination”

  1. Alice X says:

    omg i love grey!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great look!

  3. Cristal says:

    Great looking dress poses!! I also love gray color and would like to browse Kohls for the same.

  4. Jessica says:

    Thanks for the comments!!! 😀

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