Almost Done

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Woo hoo!! Only two more weeks until the semester is over! I’m wearing a new purple tank top that my sister bought for me yesterday after she got off of work…gotta love it when Old Navy has sales like $5 tank tops! It may be hard to tell, but there’s beading along the neckline. I also love the baby doll fit…it’s really cute! I’m also debuting my new Lela Rose for Payless flats ($17) that I bought a few weeks ago.

I also ran over to the mall yesterday after I was done with classes to meet up with my sister since H&M was having a sale. I love when H&M has those sales where prices start at $5!

This is what I left H&M with:
– an embellished top/dress that I’ve had my eye on
– 2 crossover bags with knotted straps and punch needle flower embroidery that I’ve also had my eyes on (I couldn’t choose between which color I liked best so I got both…$10 each)

I’ve been looking for the perfect sized crossover bags because I’ve recently been into carrying small crossover bags when I go out. The ones I have now just don’t have enough room for all the things I like to stuff into my bags so these H&M ones are perfect!!
I didn’t notice it before, but the bags match my new top/dress! 🙂

Forever 21 sweater, Old Navy tank, Target jeans, Lela Rose for Payless flats.


8 responses to “Almost Done”

  1. cocorosa says:

    Im going to link you right now 🙂 I was yesterday in the H&M and was looking at their small bags too, the look indeed perfect 🙂 love your outfit 🙂 the purple is always perfect on you 🙂 🙂

  2. Tariro says:

    I love the bags!

  3. Joelyne says:

    great outfit =) love the purple top!

    thank you for your lovely comment on my sketches 🙂


  4. Yuka says:

    i love h&m sales too! those purses are the perfect size. great find!

  5. hehe, no way!!!! i often check out other people’s blogs browing chictopia and have found a lot of other people from there in the same way!!!!!!

  6. Eeli says:

    Ello ello missy! Stalker much? hahaha

    Lovely ensemble. Very sweet colours on you. I know how you feel about finding tiny purses. I’m the same lol.

    Have a sweet weekend chicka


  7. Anonymous says:

    Everything about this is great. Those jeans are very flattering! Violet is so your color.

    P.S. I LOVE H&M sales too ^_~

  8. Jessica says:

    Thanks for all the comments!!

    xoxo Jessica =)

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