What I Want Vol. 1

What I Want Vol. 1
What I Want Vol. 1 by FashionReady

I recently set up a Polyvore account and I’m loving how easy it is to use!! I think I’m going to enjoy making collages since there’s no hassle.

Here are some items I’m interested in getting my hands on:

  1. Kimchi Blue Floral Purse from Urban Outfitters. A girl in one of my classes has it and I just fell in love with it since I’m interested in buying small crossbody purses. It’s on sale on the website for $29.99 (orig. price: $38) but I’m waiting until it cheaper.
  2. White Blazer. I’m not usually a fan of white pieces since I’m worried about how easily it can get dirty, but I’ve been seeing them around on blogs and it makes me realize that a white blazer is a great piece to have in your wardrobe.
  3. Denim Button Front Skirt. I’ve also seen these on a few blogs. I love how basic and simple they look plus it’s a nice change from the usual denim skirt.
  4. Knit Mini Skirt. Exactly what I need as stated in the post below.
  5. Black Flats. Because everyone should have a basic pair of black flats.
  6. Red Lipstick. This is something I’ve always wanted to try.
  7. Lace Tights. I find them very interesting since they’re different from the basic opaque tights. I want to see if I can pull them off.

6 responses to “What I Want Vol. 1”

  1. Emily says:

    Ugh be careful, because you WILL get addicted!

  2. jamie clare says:

    i just did a polyvore post too after messing around with Paint for like three hours. definitely does not come out as gorgeous and clean as polyvore does…

  3. i love the items! esp. the blazer and the red lipstick! <3

    have a wonderful friday night!!!~


  4. Enep says:

    white blazer absolutely yes yes yes!


  5. Jessica says:

    Emily: hahaha…Thanks for the heads up!! 😛

    jamie clare: yeah i had using Paint before to make collages of the NY fashion shows, but they didn’t come out nicely so polyvore is definitely my go to for collages!! 🙂

    MiJi: Hope you had a good Friday too! Maybe I’ll buy a red lipstick today!

    Enep: I’m glad you agree with me!! 😀

  6. hande says:

    i absolutely love this blazer and gray skirt!!

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