Styling Workshop

I wore this dress yesterday to an event at my university.The fashion club that I’m a member of finally had its first big event for the entire campus community since its establishment at the end of the fall semester. A stylish named Sheryl Blasnik was hired and lectured to those who attended about how to get into styling. She’s worked at fashion week for a few years now and has styled for Isaac Mizrahi. I learned quite a lot about how to get into styling, portfolios and other interesting information like REEL jobs which lists about who’s shooting on the streets of NY like GOSSIP GIRL!!

So the shiny blue dress I wore to the event is unbelievably from Target which I got on clearance for $9!! Check out my nails….they sort of match my dress! LOL

Converse One Star for Target dress, H&M cardigan, Target belt and tights, Secondhand boots, Revlon’s Midnight Blue nail polish on nails.


2 responses to “Styling Workshop”

  1. STARR says:

    The dress and color is so pretty. I also really like your lipstick!

  2. Jessica says:

    STARR: I agree with you about the color, that’s what attracted me the dress. As for the lipstick, it’s from Clinique called Raspberry Glace.

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