A Much Needed Shopping Trip

I went shopping yesterday with my sister to the mall in Paramus to buy some new clothes. I haven’t gone shopping in a while that is if you don’t count the clothes I have bought here and there from the frequent trips we’ve gone to check out the Target clearance racks :P. Anyway as for my outfit, it’s quite boring, but comfortable since I was going to be trying on clothes.

Some purchases from the day:

Layered necklace from Forever 21

Floral print hinge wallet from Urban Outfitters

H&M cardigan, tank from Kohl’s, Forever 21 necklace, delia’s jeans.


7 responses to “A Much Needed Shopping Trip”

  1. I agree, I always wear comfortable clothes when I know I'll be shopping (and trying on lots of clothes) that day! 🙂 Your new necklace is lovely!!



  2. Jessica says:

    Nesli: yes i love my new necklace. i can’t wait to wear it!! 🙂

  3. Alice X says:

    i love buying new stuff, too much fun!


  4. Solo says:

    That necklace is so fab..;D
    Love it,have a nice day.

  5. Jessica says:

    Alice X: yes buying new stuff is great!! 🙂

    Solo: Thanks!! Hope you have a nice day too!

  6. such a cute wallet!!! <3


  7. Jessica says:

    MiJi: Thanks!! 🙂 I love using my new wallet!

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