When the Snow Fell

This is what I wore last Tuesday. It was snowing outside that day. The snow fall was light and sticking to the ground and such. I chose to wear this sweater dress I bought from H&M during the end of last year even though it was cold outside. I just made sure that kept my legs warm by wearing two layers of leggings which did work.

I think that I can pretty much get multiple use out of this sweater dress because it can also be worn over jeans and I think I can try to use it as a cardigan when unbuttoned which I think is great since versatile garments are always good to have on hand or in your wardrobe especially with how the economy is. I’m not buying much these days…you’ll most likely find me looking through clearance (well…i always check that out anyway).

H&M sweater dress, Old Navy tee underneath dress, Target leggings, Boots from Mom.


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