NYC and Conan O’Brien

Yesterday I went to a taping of Late Night with Conan O’Brien!! It was so much FUN!! Conan is so hilarious, definitely was a treat. My sister and I absolutely had to go to a taping before he moves west to California. I couldn’t take any photos within the studio because it’s illegal (idk why), but did take photos of the tickets (before they took them) and the wristbands. On the show was Teri Hatcher (she’s so SKINNY!!), Aries Spears (former comedian from MADtv) and musical guest Q-Tip. When it was over, my sister and I seriously wished that we never had to leave. I wish I could go to every Late Night with Conan O’Brien taping

So I wore a simple button down shirt and jeans to the taping because the weather ended up being very mucky and slushy and also cold with the constant flurries falling down on the east coast. I had to wear my snow boots because of all the slush and my feet ended up aching by the time we left NYC to head home on the bus to NJ.

Our NYC trip did not end after Conan because we decided to walk over to Dylan’s Candy Bar (the candy mecca opened by Ralph Lauren’s daughter and was featured on a recent Gossip Girl episode). The interior consists of lots of rainbow and bright colors, so amazing. It was our first time to check the place out. There was a bunch a kids, but at least there weren’t a lot of tourists at around 7 in the evening. I opted to just bulk up on chocolate while my sister mixed fruity with chocolate. They have these delicious chocolates called clodhoppers which are sort of these chocolate covered graham clusters (SO GOOD!)!! It’s $10.99 per lb for making own bag of bulk candy, but since there is no weigh around for customers to check how much they have before paying, I tried to be very careful. I had less than a pound when it was totaled, but next time I’m in the city I’m getting much more since I’m almost all done with my chocolate candy goodness!!


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