Now for Something Thrifted

Thursday’s class schedule is the same as Tuesday’s, start at 8:30 a.m. and end around 2:15 p.m., but at I have no classes on Friday’s (first time ever and it feels great) so YAY for three-day weekends! Well, I’ve been a little bored with what I’ve worn to class for the last two days and decided to dress up a little, plus I thought why not since it’ll be like 30+ degrees (though it’s steadily been 20+ degrees). My thought process about this backfired on me, but more on that later.

I finally shortened and hemmed one of the dresses I thrifted from Goodwill at the end of last year, as I posted in early December. You can definitely see the difference in length if you check that post. It was once like mid-calf length and is now knee length. I enjoy it better this way since it gives the dress a more modern look with its length and looks more flattering on me while it’s shorter.

So why did my choice of dress backfire on me? Well, though I thought I could handle the cold weather in this dress, I really couldn’t. The weather newscaster never mentioned that the day’s weather was going to include freezing winds and oh how cold those winds were. I seriously was freezing my butt off and legs since I wore thin gray tights with my dress. No real sort of coverage with those tights. I could feel that wind on my legs like crazy!! The winds were so cold that a thought crossed my mind that maybe the skirt part of the dress got hiked up somehow and I was exposed to the world (though I knew I really wasn’t, but you never know…that would have certainly been awful for me).

Dress found at Goodwill, Target tights, Secondhand boots.


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