Look What I Found Through Thrifting

Aren’t they gorgeous?! I found both these dresses at a Goodwill that like 15-20 min away from my house and paid only $8 for them. I knew it was possible to get some great finds through thrifting like I’ve seen many other fashion bloggers do (I still think other bloggers have better chances to find cooler stuff than me), but I couldn’t believe I’d find anything I’d really love!

As you can see both are floral prints, the first looks like hibiscus flowers while the second one is roses. I just love the rose pattern and colors of the second dress. It really is beautiful up close. I’m planning on hemming both a little shorter, I’ll probably do that during winter break.
Both dresses have such a very similar style that I’m convinced that the same women must have given them away. I don’t know why she did, but they seem to be very nice pieces to have in your wardrobe. The dresses are v-neck and have belts (well the rose one didn’t have a belt, but it’s still all good) while the first has a little pouf on the shoulder of the sleeves and the second one has cuffed sleeves. Is it me or does anyone else feel that the first dress is very Diane von Furstenberg? I feel that way!!!

Other things I tried at Goodwill were a bunch of other dresses, a red-orange skirt with some crazy black graphic from French Connection (It was ok, a little too poufy, but had discoloration on front of skirt), and a Calvin Klein blazer (Yes!! Calvin Klein at Goodwill. I can’t remember how much, but didn’t buy because I wasn’t so sure about it. It did have a long torso). I think I may go back in a few days and can’t wait because I love Goodwill and it’s so much better and afforadable than my local Salvation Army which usually carries crap and stuff with rips and stains.


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  1. Awesome Goodwill dresses! Those are probably my favorite thing to look for when I shop for myself. Good luck with your next thrifting adventure… -the DCGF

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