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Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

I’ve been taking a basic makeup fundamentals class this semester for college credit (yes! it’s insane, but so true) at the Bobbi Brown Studio in Montclair, NJ. Being a fashion student, I had the opportunity to take the one of makeup courses the university is offering for a certificate program for makeup under the Fashion Studies major. I always wanted to formally learn how to apply makeup so I had to jump at my chance at registering.

I just had my final there yesterday and have learned so much about makeup application, though there was the hefty price of $250 fee for using the studio. There are two additonal course offerings to continue taking makeup classes like learning makeup for special occasions and then forming a professional portfolio. I’m not planning on taking anymore since the basics is good enough for me and I really don’t want to pay such a high fee.

My makeup class was based around the book though the book was not manufactured when the course began so basically the class consisted of printing a mock up of the text, but I certainly recommend getting this book because it’s is quite beautiful up close (saw the real thing in class) and has step-by-step directions for applying foundation to blush to eyeshadow and the photography is great too. It is a must read for anyone interested about learning more about makeup and how to apply it.


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