Fashion Ready

Snow Covered

January 27, 2015

(Wearing: Old Navy parka, Gap sweater, Old Navy leggings, Target scarf, Urban Outfitters tote, Wanted boots)

So winter storm Juno failed to live up to its predictions. There was no massive blizzard with two feet of snow, but at least I still got a snow day out of this. I enjoy those rare snow days you get when you're an "adult" (meaning that my definition is you're no longer in school). I probably should have used this day to watch Downton Abbey because I need to catch up on the new season, but I ended up using my lazy day to aimlessly browse the internet. I wouldn't say that I didn't accomplish anything today.

Anyway, these photos were taken over the weekend after a brief snowfall we had on Saturday. As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm trying to keep things simple these days. Less is more after all. And as this winter continues on, I'm choosing comfy casual than getting dressed up. Knits and sweaters, especially oversized ones like above, make my morning routine go by fast and easy. That's important when you have no idea what to wear.

Hope you all had a great day!

Simply Neutral

January 20, 2015

(Wearing: Old Navy coat, Madewell sweater, Old Navy jeans, Target scarf, Urban Outfitters tote, Old Navy boots)

I'm gravitating towards neutrals and simple pieces more and more these days. Over the weekend, I went through my closet once again to clean out any unneccessary things I won't wear anymore or actually never wore. It always feels good to let go since it makes room for newer and better items like this navy blue cable knit sweater from Madewell. The sweater is so comfy that I've worn it twice already since purchasing it. I must admit that I've been buying from Madewell a lot recently. I love the brand's focus on the tomboy chic look that I end up finding something new to lust after time and time again.

Have a wonderful day!

Coat Layer

January 10, 2015

Editorial: Cover Me
Magazine: Vogue Netherlands September 2014
Photographer: Annemarieke Van Drimmelen
Styled by: Dimphy Den Otter
Model: Emma Champtaloup

It's been cold, cold, cold. The lowest temperature this week hit single digits and that was for daytime. Luckily, I just need to step in and out of the cold when getting to my destination. The most exposure I do get is when I must warm up the car in the morning. And this year I'm doing my best to combat the cold by layering more and bundling up. I finally got my hands on a lovely blanket scarf that's been my trusty friend and I've been choosing my parka over my pea coat on most days because it does matter. A coat is that extra layer of warmth you need during those wintry months. This editorial, in particular, features different styles of coats (some warmer than others) in textures and fabrics that I'm drawing inspiration from for future coat shopping trips.

How's your weekend? Hope you're having a good one!

Start Fresh

January 05, 2015

(Wearing: Old Navy coat, ASOS dress, grandma's necklace, Target scarf, Madden Girl boots)

It's the first look of 2015 and I've chosen to go for the most neutral color ever -- white. The color white represents a blank slate and naturally each new year allows a fresh start. I'm trying to begin this year on right track by getting rid of things I no longer wear and becoming more organized. So far, so good! And after wearing this dress, I've realized that I need more little white dresses in my closet. I love the minimal classic look to them and how strong the contrast is between dark colors against white.

How's your 2015 going so far?

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

January 01, 2015

When each year begins, I always ponder about life and how I want to do more. Then by the end of the year, once nothing has changed (because it hasn't) I feel sad and frustrated, but I keep my head up and continue to chase my dreams no matter what the outcome is.

For me, this year has had its ups and downs. If you didn't know, my mom was hospitalized during the summer. That was a trying time, full of emotions and lots of tears. Thankfully she was a fighter and she's still here today. Though that point in time often broke me, it made me stronger and see life differently. I saw the opportunity to grow and discover who I am and who I want to be. Then near the end of the 2014, I found a silver lining that inspires and sparks happiness in me. Because of that and other things, I actually felt content about the year ending last night. It was a good feeling!

As for 2015, I declare it the year of learning. I want to learn to use Photoshop and video editing software (to hopefully post videos on YouTube). I want to take the time to learn about photography. I want to bake more often and explore my cooking skills. I want to expand as a blogger and bring more content. I'd like to travel more, if it's possible. I shall use my planner to its full potential so that my day to day is more organized. Finally, I would love to make plans to enjoy life more and have some adventures.

What goals and plans are you making for 2015?